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The Diduch Festival

5 January 2015

The Diduch Festival (diduch, or didukh (Ukrainian: дідух) is a Ukrainian Christmas decoration; made from a sheaf of wheat)

The ethnic Diduch festival will be held on the January, 6 in 2016 within New Year and Christmas celebration. 

Folk Ukrainian collectives are invited to participate in the festival, to present their “verteps” (nativity Scenes) during the festive march, to take part in the contest of Christmas songs, and also to present their “diduch” – Ukrainian symbol of winter holidays made from the first or the last stalks of wheat reaped during the year. It symbolizes the household's wish for an abundance of nature and a bountiful harvest for the upcoming year. According to our conception “diduch” shoud be at least 2 meters (6 feet) height. 

During the festival our guests also will observe Christmas township, performances of Folk collectives and have a lot of fun!

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